Welcome to Inno-Vita

Inno-Vita serves the health and wellness community working exclusively with licensed practitioners of a number of different modalities.  The Inno-Vita products have been designed to assist practitioners with tools needed to serve their clients in efficient and safe programs given through consultation.

About Us

Health Through Real Inno-Vation

No other health care product providers have combined synergistically blended ancient herbal formulas with cutting edge genetic science free of now questionable animal glandular tissues. Inno-Vita’s manufacturing of the highest quality nutritional supplements have resulted in a new product line sold exclusively through health professionals. The synergistic effect of herbal ancient wisdom combined with modern day genetic science has resulted in the revolutionary formulation of FormCodes™ found within all Inno-Vita formulas. 

Our Mission

Our Mission is to promote innovation in health and healing for all, including health professionals, their clients and our own employees. We believe that true innovation is the product of fostering creativity, comprehensive scientific research and readily available education. By these means, Inno-Vita will bridge the gap between the worlds of ancient natural wisdom and Western medical research. To help realize this vision, we will continue our efforts to innovate the most unique products, while maintaining a maximum effectiveness and affordability.

Vision and Commitment

• Innovate health through superior products

• Innovate learning through in-depth education

• Innovate progress through research and science

• Innovate success by achieving our Mission


Inno-Vita products have proven to be the most balanced and powerful products now available, which test extremely well with any type of applied modality. Above all else, Inno-Vita products have been engineered to heal.