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No other health care product providers have combined synergistically blended ancient herbal formulas with cutting edge genetic science free of now questionable animal glandulars. Inno-Vita’s manufacturing of the highest quality nutritional supplements have resulted in a new product line sold exclusively through health professionals. The synergistic effect of herbal ancient wisdom combined with modern day genetic science has resulted in the revolutionary formulation of FormCodes™. FormCodes™ found within the Inno-Vita formulas are genetic amino acid sequences modelled after a healthy human being, rather than relying on the now questionable animal glandulars. Inno-Vita products have proven to be the most balanced and powerful products now available, which test extremely well with any type of applied modality. Above all else, Inno-Vita products have been engineered to heal.


Strategic & Competitive Advantage

Hundreds of different companies’ nutritional products are appearing in this rapidly growing industry. Health care professionals are bombarded regularly with these numerous supplements and claims that their products are of the highest quality, providing fast results. This frenzy has driven patients to demand quicker responses from their supplements. In turn, more supplement companies are now producing herbal remedies that deal with symptoms rather than the core cause of the concern.

Inno-Vita believes that the potency of Inno-Vita formulas have been designed to work with the body’s own healing system and at the proper nutrition and energetic frequencies that are critical for prompt and optimal healing. But this is also the reason that Inno-Vita believes that these potent formulas should be directed by the guidance of a health professional. Each ingredient of each formula has been researched for its individual: active components, medicinal properties, nutrient contents, energetic frequency and synergistic reactions with other components.

Not only is each ingredient found within the Inno-Vita formula thoroughly reviewed, but each part of the medicinal herb is separately analyzed to select the most appropriate parts. Then, additional nutrients are included to support the weakened organs of the body and fortify the overall effectiveness of each formula. FormCodes™ are added to send signals to the body with the most proper frequency. [more] Specific nutrients are guided by these FormCodes™ to the appropriate body organ or function to effectively manage the healing process by encouraging the body’s own healing ability.

Inno-Vita provides significant benefits to the health practitioners and their clients alike. Practitioners will find that because of the potency of the Inno-Vita formulas, their clients will experience quick effective results, while shortening the needed amount of supplements with no undesirable responses. Practitioners will be able to help any type of client including vegetarian and non-vegetarian. All Inno-Vita capsules used to capsulate the powdered formulas are a non-animal source and are naturally soluble unlike most industries use of cellulose or gelatin.
Inno-Vita believes we should all enjoy the tremendous benefits of an improved quality of life. Inno-Vita’s goal is to keep these revolutionary products as affordable as possible. Substantial educational tools will allow the health professional to remain competitive. Inno-Vita also believes that these products prove that by keeping their vision of wellness in the forefront, the health professional is provided with a strategic and competitive advantage.






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