IV Webinar May 2009

Presenter: Dr. Troy Giles

Dr. Troy Giles, a Chiropractic Physician of 17 years from Bountiful, UT and will be sharing his expertise in treating the Triangle of Health by caring for the structural, emotional & Physiological needs of your clients.

Dr. Brett Stohrer
Video topics include:

Treating the Triangle of Health
Treating layers of infection
Lymphatic System
Rehabilitation Therapies
Leaky Gut Syndrome
Utilization of natural formulas

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Video 1 Contents:
Treating the Triangle of Health (9:06)
Video 2 Contents:
Leaky Gut Syndrome continued (8:20)
Video 3 Contents:
Treatment of Leaky Gut cont. (9:51)
  Video 4 Contents:
Continued (9:46)
Video 5 Contents:

Conclusion (2:31)

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