May Webinar 2009 – Troy Giles, DC.

Dr. Troy Giles, a Chiropractic Physician of 17 years from Bountiful, UT and will be sharing his expertise in treating the Triangle of Health by caring for the structural, emotional & Physiological needs of your clients. [here]

Dr. Troy Giles

March Webinar 2009 – Brett Stohrer, DC.

Dr. Brett Stohrer, DC is a Holistic Physician in Hilton Head Island, SC who specializes in alternative medicine and holistic health care. Dr. Stohrer is the founder of the Hilton Head Holistic Center and his specialty is clinical kinesiology.  Dr. Stohrer has been practicing for 13 years utilizing nutrition, homeopathic medicine and herbs. [here]

Dr. Brett Stohrer

Top 25 Conditions – Troy Giles, DC.

Dr. Troy Giles shares some of his tried and proven protocols for top conditions found in his own practice. [here]

Top 25 Conditions

YouTube – Video Channel

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