Exercise your technological skills at their highest levels with Inno-Vita’s© Practitioners’ Test Kit.

Intelligent Design
This test kit is designed to be used by the health practitioner who practices a form of Kinesiology, utilizes any number of EAV machines, or any other modality where a sample of each product will help client testing. Each test kit includes a sample of each Inno-Vita formula in both capsule and liquid versions sealed in their own quality glass vial with removable lid. The high density case is heavy duty and designed to protect its sensitive cargo. An integrated handle makes this case easy to move and easy to secure. This case also features dual overlapping closures which form a natural dust barrier and resistance to moisture. When in use, the lid can be easily removed and replaced by those who would prefer their kit to remain open.

The inside protective foam insert is expandable to 56 different capsules as well as 56 liquid samples. This test kit will be able to grow as the new Inno-Vita products become available. Customize your own test kit as you see fit.

Sold Only Through Professionals
Test kits are not designed for the general public nor are they intended for laboratory/medical use. The glass vials are safe, non-hazardous. Test kits are used in a non-invasive test of a person’s area of weakness.

Once purchased, Inno-Vita will help you maintain you’re expandable test kit by providing you complimentary updates as new products become available. Upon their availability, they will be shipped to you with your new orders.
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