Products: Pancreos
Subtile: Healthy Glucose Balance

Forms: Capsules (60 count), Liquid Extract (1 ounce)

Item Number: 3463 (Capsule), C3463 (Liquid Compound/Extract)

Pancreos provides the vital herbal based nutrients for the integrity of the pancreatic tissues and helps the body’s own responses to the level of the glucose in the blood.

Key Factors:
  • Supports the body’s own ability of Insulin actions.
  • Supports the body’s production of pancreatic enzymes ensuring proper assimilation of food.
  • Helps body stimulate the liver and the muscles to store glucose as glycogen.
  • Helps body’s own ability of regulating glucagon activities.
Also available as a Liquid Compound.
More info on the Liquid Compounds [here]
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