Things you don’t want In Your Medicine

Inno-Vita’s FormCodes™ eliminate dangerous animal by-products from their formulas. In fact there are absolutely no animal by-products in any of the Inno-Vita formulas.

Some of the same diseases being found in animals today are now being found in the humans who have eaten them. As early as March 21, 2005 the American Red Cross began screening blood donors for CJD Creutzfeld-Jacob Disease), vCJD or Mad Cow Disease, In cattle this same disease is called BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy). CJD and vCJD are listed among other dangerous blood diseases such as HIV (Aids), Hepatitis, Malaria and Cancer. Blood donors asked to donate to the American Red Cross must comply with their list of eligibility which refuses those who have had a transfusion in any of 34 countries or have visited or lived for three months or more where this disease has been identified.

For an in-depth discussion of CJD disease and the American Red Cross [more]

Unlike our competitors, we can no longer claim that the cellular identity factors of these stressed, steroid grown animals have the same frequencies, genetics or unique energy found within humans.






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