Product: Min-Comp        
Subtile: Transport + Facilitate

Forms: Capsules (60 count)

Item Number: 1538

Inno-Vita's™ Min-Comp™ is a multi-mineral formulated with effectively absorbable elements designed to enhance the metabolic function of transporting key nutrients throughout the body's cells. Min-Comp's minerals and other cofactors provide necessary nutrients for optimal body function.

Key Factors:
  • Balanced multi-minerals for a healthy body
  • Magnesium for bones, metabolic processes and fatty acid synthesis
  • Zinc for enzymatic functions
  • Selenium as an activator for glutathione peroxidase
  • Copper as a cell protector and blood glucose regulation
  • Chromium for its effects on insulin and metabolism
  • Molybdenum, Vanadium and other minerals & herbs
More Product Information:  
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