Products: Lepterra
Subtile: Weight Management / Blood Sugar Balance

Forms: Powder (645 gram tub)

Item Number: 5504 Organic Chocolate, 5506 Natural Berry, 5508 Organic Vanilla

Lepterra is an unusually great tasting powdered formula made of all natural ingredients and proteins combined with a unique compilation of cellular nutrition.  Lepterra includes plant based digestive enzymes, enteric coated probiotics, CLA, fiber and Inno-Vita’s own FormCodes™.  Lepterra promotes healthy glucose levels, healthy weight management and provides balanced nutrients.


Key Factors:

     First Instantized Organic Rice Protein Meal Replacement.

  • Contains No Sugar, Whey, Lactose, GMO’s, Gluten or Soy.
  • Fortified with Digestive Enzymes and Enteric Coated Probiotics.
  • Added Stabilized CLA Powder for Muscle Building & Burning Fat.
  • Excellent Breakfast, Between Meals or Meal Replacement.
  • Flavored with Organic Chocolate or Vanilla and all Natural Sweeteners.
  • Provides Increased Energy with Low Glycemic Levels.
  • No animal by-products, gluten, soy, maltodextrin, GMO’s, chemical pesticides.
  • No artificial ingredients, colors, flavors, cheap proteins or fillers
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