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False Unicorn
  Name: FormCode™  
  Other Names: None  
  Origin: Inno-Vita  
  Description: FormCodes are replicated healthy organ amino acid building blocks.  These FormCodes are composite substances which are created by plant derived ‘free’ amino acids and are the precursors of the same matter or molecules which are found in corresponding healthy human targeted organs or tissues.  These building blocks proportionally blended with amino acids are combined to reflect the same energetic frequencies found in the targeted organs or tissues of the human body.   
  Uses: Each individual organ and tissue in the human body has its own unique sequence or frequency which contains a specific combination of twenty different amino acid proteins.  Furthermore, each individual organ and tissue changes its amino acid sequences/frequencies when it is not in optimum health or performance.  Inno-Vita FormCodes are added to these formulas to enhance their functions and help the targeted organ or tissue to return to its optimum healthy state.  
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  More information on the Inno-Vita FormCode [here]  
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