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  Welcome to Inno-Vita©, the company responsible for the most innovative health care products available today. Introducing synergistically blended ancient herbal formulas combined with modern cutting edge genetic science free of all animal glandulars or by-products.

The main purpose of this website is to provide professional education tools to aid those who are searching for alternatives to healing. Ultimately this site will become a virtual community where health and wellness professionals can interact with each other and learn more about these revolutionary new products.

We apologize where some of our website features are still under construction as we are making daily changes for its overall improvement, but we hope you enjoy your stay. By all means, please contact us if we can answer more of your questions.

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Interaction Seminar 11
Interaction Seminar 2014
Inno-Vita's spectacular two day event.
Friday June 20th - Saturday 21st
Find out how you can attend.
Top 25
Learn [more] about Inno-Vita products. Dr. Giles, DC. shares how he supports the Triangle of Health which is Structure, Emotion and Physiology.
Health practitioners test kit  
New Test Kits
Webinar 2009
IV Webinar
Professional test kits available now.

Holistic physician, Dr. Brett Stohrer from Hilton Head Island, SC, shares some of his clinical experience.

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Dr. Giles Kinesiology Training

Dr. Giles Kinesiology Training
New training DVD by Dr. Giles exhibits in detail how he utilizes Applied Kinesiology. These DVD's are available to practitioners upon request.


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