Products: Fem-Affirm
Subtile: Healthy Female Life

Forms: Capsules (60 count), Liquid Extract (1 ounce)

Item Number: 3182 (Capsule), C3182 (Liquid Compound/Extract)

Fem-Affirm helps to support and maintain a woman’s healthy body and beauty by helping to promote a mood of well-being.

Key Factors:
  • Supports body’s own ability of balancing female hormones.
  • Support for vigorous female activities.
  • Provides nutrients for integrity of female reproductive organ.
  • Helps body’s own ability of preventing various infectious pathogens from attacking female organs.
  • Helps the female feel well-being and an uplifted emotional state.
Also available as a Liquid Compound.
More info on the Liquid Compounds [here]
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