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Inno-Vita products combine the wisdom of herbology and modern science to create truly innovative alternative solutions to healing. The herbal and mineral ingredients used in each Inno-Vita Formula are gathered from the best of sources around the world. Whether the herbs are Brazillian, Native American, Asian, European or any other corner of the planet, Inno-Vita demands the highest standards of safety for the client and for our global environment. The process of combining these herbs and Inno-Vita’s unique FormCode™ is crucial to these formulas.

This ingredient compendium is a very short reference of these ingredients. Many herbs have a wider variety of function than listed in this resource. In addition, many various parts of the same herb such as the leaves, rhizomes, berries, seeds, fruit, bark, root, flower and resin have very different functions from one another. To keep this information manageable, we have referenced only a few of the most commonly recognized features of these ingredients.

The information in this reference is not intended to substitute for expert medical advice or treatment; it is designed to help you become more aware of the unique characteristics of the Inno-Vita Formulas. Because each individual is unique, a professional healthcare provider must diagnose conditions and supervise the treatment using these formulas for health problems or conditions.

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